2004 Yamaha PW 50

PW 50 This little jewel will make somebody very happy !

Spoil 'Em While You Can Yes we suppose it does resemble a puppy, but don't be fooled. The scrappy PW50 is also the rugged little motorcycle that's taught thousands of riders the Code of Moto. (And thousands more to follow, maybe millions, judging by the way these inexhaustible little bikes get handed down to younger siblings and the kid next door.) We couldn't be prouder, really. With its full-auto transmission, 19.1-inch seat height and 82-pound dry weight, low-maintenance shaft drive, Autolube oil injection and quiet spark arrestor-equipped exhaust, the precocious PW50 is the perfect lead-in to a lifetime of two-wheeled fun. Too bad it's kind of hard to see those huge smiles inside the helmets, but you know they're grinning.